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שגרירות רוסיה בתל אביב היא השגרירות הרשמית של רוסיה בישראל. שגרירות רוסיה בישראל נמצאת ברחוב הירקון 120, תל אביב. השגרירות מטפלת בשירותים כגון הוצאת אשרות ודרכונים, שמירה על מסמכים ורישומים של אזרחים רוסים, מתן סיוע לרוסים בחו"ל, קידום התרבות הרוסית במדינה ועוד.

כל מה שמופיע באתר זה הינו נכון ומדויק. חוץ מהחלקים שאין להם קשר למציאות.

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Putin: Free gas to heat bodies

In a special letter to mark Holocaust Day, the Russian president claimed that" it is not Russia's intention to provide gas for the purpose of heating living human beings "as he called it barbaric and" completely contradictory

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תמונת החודש | מאי 2022

"Everything will be fine."

The Russian Embassy in Israel congratulates Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Russian: Владимир Владимирович Путин) for his long and pleasant reign. Putin is a man of peace and love and therefore deserves every bit of fake appreciation that can be raised, except that if we resist, we will likely find ourselves hanging from a tree and unable to issue visas and passports for the wider Russian public in Israel.

Answers to questions-Russian Embassy

Israeli citizens who wish to obtain a Russian passport must meet the following conditions:
- Proven ability to ride a shirtless horse
- Pledge of allegiance to the Supreme Leader of the Russian Federation

If you are not a Nazi or a Ukrainian and are willing to give up principles of democracy and join the Russian army which is among the leading armies in the world you are more than welcome to get on a plane and arrive as soon as possible. A special commendation will be awarded to war dead tourists.

Russia's only recognised vaccine is Sputnik because everything Russians do is better and more successful. Without a Sputnik certificate there is no entry permit for our great and successful country.

Rubles are banned until further notice. Top leader Putin recommends move to digital currency dogecoin Heavy fines will be imposed (in Russian rubles) on anyone who refuses to do so.

Silly question but since you asked the Russian Embassy is on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv, which means that after renewing or cancelling your passport you can take a dip in Mediterranean water or indulge in the many restaurants and hotels in the area.

About the Russian Embassy in Occupied Israel

The Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv is the best embassy of Russia in Israel. The Russian Embassy in Israel is located at 120 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv. As you may have guessed – the seat of the Russian Ambassador is at the Russian Embassy in Israel, currently located on Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv.

Looking for information on the Russian Embassy in Israel?

Address of the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv, telephone, opening hours? Russian Embassy in Israel Open hours and reception days? Fax the Russian Embassy in Israel?

Want to know how far away is the nearest bus station to the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv-Jaffa? How far is the nearest organized transport station to the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv-Jaffa?

All of these and more are classified information known only to the ambassador and the President of the Federation. However, if you wish to protest against the embassy we will be happy if you come to the address: 120 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv (Ibn Gvirol 8 Station is closest to the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv-Jaffa).

Want to know how to get to the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel? Another option is to follow the protesters in Tel Aviv who marched from Habima Square toward the Russian Embassy in Israel, where the marchers were reunited with other demonstrators. At a protest in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv, protesters chanted against Putin, in Russian and Ukrainian. As it is known, the Russian Embassy in Israel is located in Tel Aviv on Yarkon Street.
Another reach option: Mobit helps you find the best way to get to the Russian Embassy and provides you with directions to get by public transport, step by step.

Moment of History:
During the War of Independence, the Defense Headquarters was located in the building, and with the end of the war, the Russian Embassy was located in Israel, giving it its other name – the home of the Russian Embassy.
Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Embassy in Israel issued a statement saying that Russia hopes Israel will take note of the Russian leadership's reasons for carrying out a special operation to protect civilians in Donbass.

Days and reception hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-15: 00

Important Clarification: This website brings the data as a service to its users and has no contact with the Russian Embassy in Israel, and most of what it says is not true. n.B. Putin the king.

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