Russian Embassy Wanted

Russian Embassy in Israel
The Russian Embassy in Israel is looking for you! If you are obedient, if you lack personal judgment, if you are ready to kill and be killed for the sake of one man - your place is with us!  Note: This is a satirical page within a satirical and fictitious website of the "Russian Embassy in Israel" and the content on this page should be treated only in a satirical and humorous way.

Vacancies at the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv:

  • Counter Workers
  • yes men
  • Diplomatic Aide to Diplomatic Aide
  • Hollow Trumpets deliver messages to office work
  • Bulldozer guard at entrance with experience in quelling public protests
  • Clean-up team to clean up Russian Federation's lies

Threshold Requirements:

Blind obedience, knowing the Russian language about its boredom, incandescent hatred of various innocent peoples, a proven ability to be completely clinically brainwashed.


Suitable candidates are invited for coffee and cake at 120 Yarkon St. Tel Aviv-Yafo next to Shakshuka Haim and Sons. If you passed "get started" get 2500 rubles.  
Russian Embassy