Russian Embassy in Israel
'Russian Embassy in Israel phone' - if you searched for it on Google you already know that the phone number of the Russian Embassy is 03-522-6736 and if you didn't search on GoogleRussian Embassy in Israel PhoneDon't you deserve to know the phone number of the branch in Tel Aviv, 120 Yarakon Street? It is certainly appropriate and we will remind you again of the contact phone number for any matter related to Russian diplomacy and general consular services, from issuing a Russian passport, through renewing a Russian passport, naturalization in Russia, obtaining visas and entry and work permits for the Russian Federation. Anyway, the phone number is 03-522-6736. We note that the data is a public service provided by a satirical site - Fake News. This website does not belong to the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, but nevertheless we found it appropriate, along with giving you the option of contacting us by email, postal mail and smoke signals, to give you guidance regarding the direct telephone number of the most successful Soviet Embassy in Gush Dan, Israel, and this despite the fact that we would like you not to call them because They are annoying people, but if you speak Russian, maybe you should call and sex and gossip about the war, maybe ask the Russian ambassador what Putin was thinking when he invaded Ukraine with such brutality. 03-5226736 This is not our phone but that of the original embassy authorized by law to answer your boring calls.  
Russian Embassy